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Burgess of Guild Lunch – Thursday 15th December

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Happy to confirm that guests can be invited to the lunch detailed below.

We are delighted to announce that our lunch in December will be a talk by Aberdeen FC chairman, Dave Cormack who will update us on what is happening at the club, plans for the future etc. We have accepted the kind invitation from the club to hold the lunch at Pittodrie.

The lunch will be held in the Richard Donald Stand, Level 3 – Pittodrie Stadium, and will commence promptly at – 1214 Hours (date of our Charter) and conclude at 1400 Hours prompt.

The lunch menu is detailed below. At present the lunch is open to Burgesses only. If you wish to attend, please email Garry Stevens at:


Please do not reply via comments tab on the posting as this is not checked as regularly as the email address

Cost of the lunch is £19.15 per person. This can be paid via cheque made payable to Burgesses of Guild of the City of Aberdeen and sent to Garry Stevens, Clerk to the Burgesses of Guild, 6 Craigarbel Crescent, Inverbervie, Montrose DD10 0SJ or via BACS to:

Sort Code 826011, Account Number 50325609, Ref Surname/Lunch

Some Burgesses still carry a credit from previous lunches, so this can be allocated to this lunch if required.

Letter of Condolence

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Please see below letter of condolence which the Lord Dean has sent on behalf of the Burgesses of Guild to His Majesty the King

Honorary Degree for Lord Dean of Guild

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We are pleased to announce that our Lord Dean, Sylvia Halkerston has been awarded an Honorary Degree, Doctor of Business Administration, from Robert Gordon University.

Professor Steve Olivier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of RGU, comments: “Sylvia is an ardent ambassador of the North East of Scotland and the work of our region’s private and public sectors. She has contributed significantly to both sectors throughout her long and successful career and continues to play a key role in the region’s business and civic community.

“Sylvia retired from the University’s Board of Governors after eight years serving as a Governor and during that time helped to steer the strategic direction of the University in making a significant contribution to economic, social and cultural development in the North East of Scotland. I am delighted that she is now continuing to make a positive impact in our region which we are recognising with an honorary degree.”

Link to acceptance speech by Lord Dean of Guild:

Welcome to New Burgesses admitted on 29th June 2022

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Abhishek Agarwal, Associate Professor, Proposed by Stewart Davidson and Seconded by Susan Renee
Roy Burnett, Retired Managing Director, Proposed by Garry Stevens and Seconded by Ian Burnett
Anne Milne, Receptionist, Proposed by Joe Mackie and Seconded by Jason Grant
Jonathan Tyler, University Lecturer, Proposed by Alan Silver and Seconded by Irene Cormack
William Wright, Communications Worker, Proposed by Rev Jim Weir and Seconded by Cllr Barney Crockett

Appointment of Lord Dean as Lord President of the Court of Deans of Scotland

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We are very pleased to confirm that our Lord Dean, Colin Taylor was installed as Lord President of the Court of Deans of Scotland at the AGM of the Court of Deans, held in Arbroath on Friday 29th April.  Below are some photos of the outgoing Lord President, Scott Williamson, Lord Dean of Dundee, handing over the chain to Colin at the end of an excellent dinner attended by most Guildries in Scotland.   Colin was accompanied at the AGM and dinner by his wife Marjorie, Sylvia Halkerston, Senior Assessor, and past Dean Fred Dalgarno (who is a Past Lord President).

Colin is proud to be appointed to represent Aberdeen, it’s important however that this comes about because the Court of Deans works on a rota basis and it’s Aberdeen’s turn this year to take on the Lord President’s role.  

The programme dictates that the next AGM of the Court of Deans will be hosted by the Guildry of the Lord President which means Aberdeen in April or May 2023. We will announce plans on the website once we have further information.

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Memorial Stone Unveiling

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On Sunday 27th March the Lord Dean assisted Lord Provost Barney Crockett with the unveiling of a memorial stone at the Church of St. Nicholas, to recognise and thank Citizens of the city and Key Workers in particular who contributed much during recent times when the pandemic caused many restrictions.        
The stone was crafted and created by fellow Burgess, Barry Mackland and his skilled team at Memorial Specialists in Mugiemoss Road.  
This is an example of Burgesses’ contribution to the city, thanks to those in the group photograph who attended.

Welcome to New Burgesses Admitted on 10th February 2022

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Ian Burnett, Bereavement Services Officer. Proposed by Barry Mackland and Seconded by Pauline Gerrard
Stella Jane Evans, Communications Business Advisor. Proposed by Rita Stephen and Seconded by Beverley Graham DL
Rhonda Fraser, Director of Marketing and Communications. Proposed by Doug Duthie, and Seconded by Joe Mackie OBE
Prof. Celso Grebogi, University Professor. Proposed by Charles Henderson and Seconded by William Broomfield
Hon Lt Menbahadur Gurung, Cyber Security Expert. Proposed by Graham Guyan DL and Seconded by Lord Dean of Guild
Tom Houghton, Owner Director. Proposed by John Corall and Seconded by Neil Corall
Morven Mackenzie, Managing Director. Proposed by George Adam and Seconded by Angela Taylor
Dr Morag McFadyen, University Lecturer. Proposed by Ronnie Watt OBE and Seconded by Gail Watt
Jennifer Mitchell, Director of External Relations. Proposed by Kenneth Simpson and Seconded by Damian Bates
Steven Rae, Executive Director. Proposed by Julia Dryburgh and Seconded by Ray Riddoch
Carmine Scarpellino, Restaurateur. Proposed by Cllr Jennifer Stewart and Seconded by Lord Provost Barnet Crockett
Garry Stevens, Clerk to the Burgesses. Proposed by Lord Dean of Guild and Seconded by Past Dean Fred Dalgarno
Ronay Thomson, PA/Snr Administrator. Proposed by Yvonne Thomson and Seconded by Beverley Graham DL
Audrey Walker, Local Govt Officer (Retired). Proposed by Beverley Graham DL and Seconded by James Milne CBE
Mark Williams, Chief Operating Officer. Proposed by David Suttie and Seconded by Alistair Walker

It was a long wait to finally be able to admit new Burgess along with 10 from the Incorporated Trades at a specially convened Council meeting, followed by a Civic Reception kindly provided by the Lord Provost and the City Council. Our thanks to them for providing the excellent hospitality particularly to Burgess John Johnstone and his Team at the Beach Ballroom for the buffet food and drinks, and Council staff on the night who assisted in ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Burgess Group Photo with Lord Provost, and Lord Dean
Group Photo with Incorporated Trades new Burgesses. Deacon Convenor, Lord Provost and Lord Dean

Burgess Annual Quiz

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A total of 15 teams took part in our Annual Quiz held at Aberdeenshire Cricket Club on 6th December. It was a very enjoyable evening with the winning team being Les Quizerables captained by Burgess Peter Mitchell.

Once again the Cricket Club were excellent hosts with the usual high standard of buffet. The Lord Dean gave thanks to Manager Chris Quinn-Waugh and her team. Also thanks go to Burgess Graham Guyan who brought his Victorian barrel organ along and entertained the quiz teams with Christmas Carols at the interval.

The Winning Team

Virtual Lunch Recording – 9th June 2021

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We had an excellent and very informative talk from Javier Martin-Torres from Aberdeen University. For those unable to log on live, please click on the link below to view the presentation


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Following a recent meeting with the Assessors, The Lord Dean is pleased to announce that Trevor Runcie has been co-opted as an Assessor to serve a four year term. Trevor has been a Burgess since 2008 and will be a great addition working with the 5 other Assessors currently in post.

Alistair Ritchie, having served two 4 years terms, the second as Senior Assessor has now stood down, The Lord Dean has approached Sylvia Halkerston to replace Alistair as Senior Assessor, which she has accepted.

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