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JJR Macleod Memorial Statue Unveiling

JJR Macleod Memorial Statue Unveiling

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Some of you attended the lunch where John Otto, Kimberlie Hamilton and Ken McHardy told us about Prof JJR MacLeod, Nobel Prize winner for his lead role in the discovery of insulin.

It is no exaggeration when I say that the majority of people had not heard that name before, far less understand that this Aberdonian had not received the recognition he deserved for the outstanding contribution he made to medical science, resulting in millions of lives being saved. John’s immediate objective was to communicate the JJR Macleod story and have a statue erected in his honour in his native Aberdeen.

That objective was achieved last week when on 12th October a magnificent sculpture of JJR MacLeod was unveiled at the Duthie Park – the first talking sculpture in Scotland. The photograph shows the statue and those who unveiled it. I am proud to say that four Burgesses were in that group and several more Burgesses and their families who generously contributed to its commissioning. It is also worthy of note that the wall surrounding the statue contains a top stone reading “Burgesses of Guild of the City of Aberdeen”

Thank you to all Burgesses who contributed in many ways to this statue and to the project itself, but we all thank John Otto for getting it done.

Lord and Lady Provost of Aberdeen City with John Otto and Kimberlie Hamilton, chief members of the JJR Macleod memorial statue society along with Lord Dean Sylvia Halkerston, Dr Ken McHardy, Professor George Boyne, Kevin Otto, John and Claire McKenna

Please see the link below to access some more information.

Kind Regards

Lord Dean of Guild

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