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Visit to Alford – Thursday 19th July – Summary of Visit by Lord Dean

Visit to Alford – Thursday 19th July – Summary of Visit by Lord Dean

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Last Thursday 25 Burgesses with their guests had an enjoyable and nostalgic evening at Alford, we had a guided tour of the Bus Museum and a walkabout in the Transport Museum where we had a nice buffet supper.    I said in my words of thanks to both organisations and the enthusiasts who run these museums that they have created legacies both for the area and the respective industries, for our benefit and for many others in years to come – well done !

 Personally, the highlight for me was the opportunity to drive a bus, in fact we were able to drive two buses.   First I drove a double-decker with auto transmission and power steering then I experienced the single-decker with semi-auto and NO power steering.   Wonderful fun !

Many thanks to Joe Mackie for arranging the dual visit, and thanks to the others including Gordon Mills of the Bus Museum and Mike Ward of Grampian Transport Museum

 Many of us heard for the first time about Robert Davidson from Aberdeen who apparently first invented a version of the electric car.  The Grampian Transport Museum is championing this man, rightly so I think, and their exhibition features his work including working models.  The following piece prepared by the GTM will interest many Burgesses, click on the link below. There is also some excellent information on him on Wikipedia.

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