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Visit to Aberdeen Recycling Centre

Visit to Aberdeen Recycling Centre

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A total of 25 Burgesses undertook an extremely interesting visit to the Aberdeen Recycling Centre on Thursday 27th July. The centre is state of the art in terms of technology for recycling paper/cardboard, cans/tins, plastic and glass. It can handle up to 160 tonnes of recycling waste daily, reducing the need to use expensive landfill.

During the visit organised via Noel Taylor at Aberdeen City Council,  the Burgesses were shown around the facility from point of refuse arrival by bin lorry, to final collection to go to be reused/recycled. The link below whilst not Aberdeen’s recycling facility is very similar to what goes on there:


Some points to remember when recycling:

Don’t squash plastic bottles. Take the lids off and put in recycling. Squashed bottles affects the ability of the technology/machinery to identify them as bottles, being flat these bottles can go through as paper.

Cans/Tins same as above don’t squash them.

Do not place shredded paper in recycling, place in normal waste. Shredded paper can contaminate the process  of recycling particularly if it gets in with glass.

Plastic meat containers (ham etc.) if black plastic base then  do not recycle this as it is not recognised by the recycling technology.

RC Cert

Lord Dean of Guild presents a certificate to the Recycling Centre Manager





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