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Burgess Golf Competition

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A hardy bunch of 7 Burgesses and the Clerk took part in the Annual Burgess Golf Competition at Hazelhead Pines course on Wednesday 20th September. Conditions were very wet underfoot, and it rained for a vast majority of the round so much so that play was abandoned on the 16th green.

The winner of the Quaich for a third time was Paul O’Connor, who tied with Clerk Garry Stevens with 32 stableford points, but on virtue of scoring one point more than Garry on the inward 7 holes was declared winner (not that Garry….the writer of this article, is bitter or anything!! -well done Paul)

Congratulation to Paul on his win, and there followed an excellent meal at the Park Café.

Next week sees the Burgesses take on the Incorporated Trades at Deeside Golf Club on Tuesday 26th September for the Friendship Trophy for which we are holders and hope to retain!

Golf Winner 2017

Lord Dean presents the Quaich to winner Paul O’Connor



Announcement from Lord Dean of Guild

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Last Wednesday, in the Town & County Hall in the Aberdeen Town House a company of 53 Burgesses and their Guests enjoyed an excellent presentation by Lord Provost Barney Crocket, he left us in no doubt of his ability to represent our city worldwide as he demonstrated his love of his native Aberdeen and his confidence and vision for the future. He shared many interesting facts about our true status in the UK and beyond, he threw in comparisons with other cities and countries, it was very encouraging hearing.

Preceding the Lord Provost I informed the company that the Burgesses are to lead an initiative titled ‘This is our city’. The platform event which will kick-start the activity is to be a dinner held on 27th February 2018.

This is an idea I have had for some time, many Burgesses will have heard me use the term “This is our city” on a number of occasions, the thrust of the matter is that following the adoption of our motto, ‘For Aberdeen’, this is natural progression and whilst our city has gone through a tough few years and has had many ‘knocks’ (mostly from elsewhere) we love our city, we know it, we enjoy it, we live here, work here, invite friends and associates to join us here, ‘this is our city’ and it always will be, and, quoting something which the Lord Provost said in his speech, “let’s have less north-east reticence”. You will hear more about this in the next couple of months, however I make it clear now that we are not moving into the area of politics, the intention is that this will be an initiative involving everyone and everything in our community, ‘this is our city’ and we want to celebrate this and to “come together to be together” for a prosperous future. Both the Lord Provost and Mrs Angela Scott the Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council are fully supportive and I hope and expect that Burgesses will embrace this also.

The initiative will be lead by one of our Assessors, Sylvia Halkerston, and Burgesses are openly invited to make contact either to volunteer to work with Sylvia or to pass on their thoughts and suggestions. Please make your contact through Garry Stevens at clerk@abereenburgesses.com

The following photograph of the assembled company is the Copyright of Aberdeen City Council and we credit Norman Adams-Aberdeen City Council for the reproduction.

LP Lunch Gathering

Golf Competitions

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At the recent Guildry of Scotland Golf Competition held at Forfar Golf Club, Aberdeen Burgess Gordon Grey was runner up by one point to the winning Burgess from Brechin Guildry, who will host the event again next year. The competition was played in lovely warm sunny conditions, and Forfar Golf Club were excellent hosts.

We still have places for the undernoted golf competitions, and support from golf playing Burgesses would be appreciated as numbers at present for both events are pretty low:

Aberdeen Burgess of Guild Competition – Wednesday 20th September, Hazelhead – cost £38 non A2L (Access to Leisure) card £28 A2L card

Friendship Trophy match v Incorporated Trades – Tuesday 26th September – Deeside GC. Cost TBC

If any Burgesses wish to play please email Clerk Garry Stevens at:


Payment can be made by sending a cheque made payable to Burgesses of Guild of the City of Aberdeen and sent to Garry Stevens, Clerk to the Burgesses, 6 Craigarbel Crescent, Inverbervie, Montrose DD10 0SJ


Online to:

Sort Code 826011

Account No 50325609

Ref: Surname/Golf

Visit to New Rowett Research Institute

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Our recent visit to the Rowett Research Institute was very interesting, it was an evening enjoyed by 33 Burgesses and guests. We were welcomed to the ‘new Rowett’ on the Foresterhill Campus by the Director, Professor Peter Morgan, and Dr. Sue Bird, this is a custom-built facility like no other I had seen. Following a pleasant coffee or tea with a biscuit or two, the evening started when Peter talked to us about the history of the Rowett since 1913 and brought us up to date with what’s going on now in the UK’s only food nutrition research facility before we were given a tour around the building. It was fascinating stuff, truly impressive. Aberdeen residents can be proud that this facility and the research carried out therein are world class. The evening closed with the usual presentation of our ‘Burgesses were here’ certificate to Peter Morgan.

Rowett Visit Pic

Welcome to New Burgesses admitted Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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Adam PicBrooks PicEsson PicJack Pic

Mack PicMills PicShaw PicThomson Pic

Walker Pic

From Top New Burgesses admitted were:

George Adam, Ex Lord Provost/Councillor,  Aberdeen City Council, Proposed by Lord Den of Guild and Seconded by Beverley Graham.

Richard Brooks, Community Leader, Proposed by Cllr Tauqeer Malik and Seconded by Cllr Yvonne Allan.

Lindsey Esson, Cartographer, Proposed by George Esson, and Seconded by Lord Dean of Guild.

Stanley Jack, Retired University Sacrist/Police Superintendent, Proposed by Rev Prof Iain Torrance and Seconded by Sir Ian Diamond.

Raymond Mack, Retired Police Officer, Proposed by Alistair Ritchie, Seconded by Michael Kennedy.

Gordon Mills, Retired Mechanical Engineer, Proposed by Joe Mackie, and Seconded by Doug Duthie.

Donald Shaw, Retired Business Development Manager, Proposed by Ken Watmough and Seconded by Sandy Law.

Yvonne Thomson, Secretary, Proposed by Beverley Graham and Seconded by Margaret Farquhar.

Linda Walker, Retired Dental Nurse, Proposed by Alastair Walker and Seconded by John Gauld.

Inter Guildry Golf Match for the Friendship Trophy

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Once again we are looking for players to represent the Aberdeen Burgesses of Guild versus the Incorporated Trades. This will be the third match we have played against them at present it is 2 0 to the Burgesses. Once again the match for the Friendship Trophy will take place at Deeside Golf Club with  tee times booked from 13:30 to 14:30 on Tuesday 26th September 2017.

Can players wishing to take part confirm names and handicaps to Garry Stevens at clerk@aberdeenburgesses.com  prior to 20th September in order that we finalise what arrangements are required.


Visit to Aberdeen Recycling Centre

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A total of 25 Burgesses undertook an extremely interesting visit to the Aberdeen Recycling Centre on Thursday 27th July. The centre is state of the art in terms of technology for recycling paper/cardboard, cans/tins, plastic and glass. It can handle up to 160 tonnes of recycling waste daily, reducing the need to use expensive landfill.

During the visit organised via Noel Taylor at Aberdeen City Council,  the Burgesses were shown around the facility from point of refuse arrival by bin lorry, to final collection to go to be reused/recycled. The link below whilst not Aberdeen’s recycling facility is very similar to what goes on there:


Some points to remember when recycling:

Don’t squash plastic bottles. Take the lids off and put in recycling. Squashed bottles affects the ability of the technology/machinery to identify them as bottles, being flat these bottles can go through as paper.

Cans/Tins same as above don’t squash them.

Do not place shredded paper in recycling, place in normal waste. Shredded paper can contaminate the process  of recycling particularly if it gets in with glass.

Plastic meat containers (ham etc.) if black plastic base then  do not recycle this as it is not recognised by the recycling technology.

RC Cert

Lord Dean of Guild presents a certificate to the Recycling Centre Manager





Visit to Rowett Research Institute

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Just to advise that we have now reached the maximum numbers for the visit to Rowett Research Institute at Foresthill later this month.

Burgess of Guild Golf Competition – Call for Players

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At present we only have 6 players confirmed for the Burgess Golf Competition, details below. Hopefully with the change of date to 20th September we can get some more interest:

This years Burgess of Guild golf competition will be held at The Mackenzie Championship Course at Hazlehead Golf Club on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th September. We hope to book first tee off around 1.00pm.

The cost will £38 per adult / £28 per adult with Access to Leisure (A2L) including a meal after at the Park Cafe in Hazelhead.

If you wish to play please email clerk Garry Stevens, with your handicap to:


Payment can be made via cheque made out to Burgesses of Guild of the City of Aberdeen, and sent to:

Garry Stevens, Clerk to the Burgesses, 6, Craigarbel Crescent, Inverbervie, Montrose, DD10 0SJ or via online bank transfer to:

Sort Code 826011

Account Number 50325609

Ref: Surname/Golf

Burgess Lunches Reminder

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Places are still available for the following lunches:

We are pleased to announce that newly admitted Burgess Professor Henry Ellington has kindly accepted an invitation to be guest speaker at our lunch on Wednesday 2nd August at the usual venue of RNUC..

The title of Prof, Ellington’s talk is “Teaching Primary Pupils about Industry”

In 1986 Prof. Ellington was one of many organisers of a major collaborative project introducing problem based learning into the Region’s Primary schools. Prof. Ellington will describe how the project was set up, and run, and he will then show a 25 minute video that was made of it. He will then conclude by describing how he carried out a full formal evaluation of the project as a result of which important follow up work in this area was carried out throughout the Grampian Region.

Wednesday 13th September – Opportunity to meet the new Lord Provost at Aberdeen City Council, Town House, location will be Town & County Hall.

Wednesday 4th October – Andy Buchan from Scottish Fire Service, a day in the life of a Station Officer, Disaster Recovery

Wednesday 1 November – Burgess Tom Scotland will speak about Aberdonian surgeon Sir Henry Gray. Gray was probably the best surgeon to serve his country during the Great War, and one hundred years ago this month, he was consulting surgeon to the British Third Army at the Battle of Arras when he revolutionised the management of compound fractures of the femur and reduced the mortality rate from this wound from around 80% to less than 20%.

If you wish to attend any of the lunches please email clerk Garry Stevens at:


Cost of the lunches is £14 and can be paid via cheque made out to Burgesses of Guild of the City of Aberdeen and sent to Garry at:

Garry Stevens, Clerk to the Burgesses, 6, Craigarbel Crescent, Inverbervie, Montrose, DD10 0SJ or via online bank transfer to:

Sort Code 826011

Account Number 50325609

Ref: Surname/Aug Lunch

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