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Burgess of Guild Lunch- Reminder

Burgess of Guild Lunch- Reminder

Garry Stevens No Comment

We are delighted to announce our next virtual lunch to be held via Zoom on Wednesday 9th June at 12.15pm

Our speaker will be Professor Javier Martin-Torres, FRAS from Aberdeen University. His talk will be:

The Golden age of planetary Exploration and Research

We are living in the Golden Age of Space Exploration and Research, with the largest number of running or planned missions to most of the bodies of the Solar System. Also, there is a huge international collaboration to achieve the fantastic goals of these missions. Javier will talk about this historical moment that we are living and will give a short introduction about the key space agencies and players.  He would also like to talk about the role of the University of Aberdeen within the Space Exploration and Research programs. In particular, within the Mars Exploration and Research program.

This is sure to be a fascinating talk highlighting Aberdeen’s role in space age exploration. If you wish to attend please email clerk Garry Stevens at – Clerk@aberdeenburgesses.com

Link to Bio for Professor Martin-Torres


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