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AGM Report – Lord Dean

AGM Report – Lord Dean

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The 2021 AGM, report by Lord Dean Colin G. Taylor

Our second (and hopefully our last ever) virtual AGM was held at Noon on the Second Tuesday of May, by tradition. There were 45 Participants with some 20 Apologies noted in advance, one of these being from Council Chief Executive Angela Scott.

Lord Provost Barney Crockett, a Burgess, attended and kindly addressed the gathering, Head of Finance with Aberdeen City Council, Jonathan Belford, also attended and gave a brief overview of the financials which had been circulated earlier.

Also circulated earlier was my Report, there were no questions. I added comments regarding the temporary suspension of Nominations, I apologised to those whose admission at Council has not been possible in the past year however I am hopeful that this can be rectified soon. Equally, I am hopeful that we may have the good fortune to host a live Speaker Lunch in the autumn with other events to follow.

I am always appreciative of those who support Burgess activities and in particular I recognise our Clerk, Garry Stevens, Assessors Sylvia Halkerston, Joe Mackie, Alistair Ritchie, Rita Stephen, Stephen Wedderburn and Mike Wilson, also Fred Dalgarno who has acted as our unofficial GLC. Alistair came in for a special welcome as this meeting saw him retire after eight years as an Assessor, he has been a loyal and hard-working colleague.

Fred Dalgarno delivered a Vote of Thanks at closure.

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