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Welcome to New Burgesses admitted Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Welcome to New Burgesses admitted Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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From Top New Burgesses admitted were:

George Adam, Ex Lord Provost/Councillor,  Aberdeen City Council, Proposed by Lord Den of Guild and Seconded by Beverley Graham.

Richard Brooks, Community Leader, Proposed by Cllr Tauqeer Malik and Seconded by Cllr Yvonne Allan.

Lindsey Esson, Cartographer, Proposed by George Esson, and Seconded by Lord Dean of Guild.

Stanley Jack, Retired University Sacrist/Police Superintendent, Proposed by Rev Prof Iain Torrance and Seconded by Sir Ian Diamond.

Raymond Mack, Retired Police Officer, Proposed by Alistair Ritchie, Seconded by Michael Kennedy.

Gordon Mills, Retired Mechanical Engineer, Proposed by Joe Mackie, and Seconded by Doug Duthie.

Donald Shaw, Retired Business Development Manager, Proposed by Ken Watmough and Seconded by Sandy Law.

Yvonne Thomson, Secretary, Proposed by Beverley Graham and Seconded by Margaret Farquhar.

Linda Walker, Retired Dental Nurse, Proposed by Alastair Walker and Seconded by John Gauld.

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