Burgesses of Guild

a place in our times

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2006 - present day Fred Dalgarno
2002-2006 Andrew Lewis
1998-2002 Bill McKimmie
1981-1998 Bill Wyllie
1971-1981 James R Leith
1955-1971 James R Donald
1950-1955 George Strathdee
1942-1950 Joseph Bisset
1935-1942 Robert Littlejohn
1927-1935 John Spencer of Binghill
1925-1927 David M Kilgour
1919-1925 Harry A Holmes
1911-1919 William Meff
1905-1911 James Murray
1902-1905 Alexander Lyon
1895-1902 James Walker
1889-1895 David Macdonald
1885-1889 David Stewart
1880-1885 John Sangster
1873-1880 Alexander Walker
1871-1873 Lewis Smith
1869-1871 Hugh Ross
1866-1869 George Jamieson
1863-1866 George B Bothwell
1860-1863 George Jamieson
1857-1860 George Thomson
1855-1857 William Rose
1853-1855 Alexander Nicol
1851-1853 George Inglis
1849-1851 George B Bothwell
1847-1849 Alexander Gordon
1845-1847 James Hadden
1843-1845 Alexander Milne
1842-1843 James B McCombie
1840-1842 George Thomson Jnr
1839-1840 Peter Williamson
1838-1839 Leslie Clark
1837-1838 Peter Williamson
1835-1837 Neil Smith Jnr
1834-1835 Alexander Forbes
1833-1834 Thomas Bannerman